Small Batch

Embracing Mindful Growth: Harmony of Quality and Nature

Our Farm thrives on mindful growth, striking a balance between our oysters' needs and environmental respect. We aim to cultivate premium, farm-raised oysters, leveraging technology to manage our farm efficiently.

Through advanced tools such as weight tracking and RFID tagging, we optimize our operations, ensuring a safe, high-quality, and affordable food source available year-round.

Our commitment extends beyond oyster farming. We champion sustainable practices, fostering a positive environmental impact. Our journey in mindful growth is rooted in the harmony of exceptional oysters and preserving nature's wellbeing.

Mindfully Grown

Savor the Exquisite Taste of Small Batch Apalachee Bay Oysters

Nestled on the pristine Forgotten Coast and surrounded by the St Marks National Wildlife Refuge, our family-owned Apalachee Bay Oyster Farm delicately cultivates premium Gulf oysters. Our small batch, artisanal approach enables us to focus on the individual care of each oyster, ensuring an extraordinary culinary experience for you.

Relish the year-round availability of our oysters, grown from peppercorn-sized spat sourced from trusted Florida nurseries. Our cohorts grow together, providing us the opportunity to monitor their health and growth regularly. This meticulous attention to detail allows us to offer oysters that embody quality and taste.

With the utmost care to prevent overcrowding, each bag of oysters is refreshed every three to six weeks to guarantee an optimal food and oxygen supply. In the final grow-out, you'll find plump, juicy oysters that carry the taste of the sea to your plate.

Discover the delight of our small batch Apalachee Bay Oysters, a testament to our commitment and dedication, available fresh and year-round for your enjoyment.